the DC/investor-class dyad dictating terms again…

November 25, 2010

The self-serving Ivy League whores in DC—and, in keeping with investor-class world ruination—have, once again, dictated terms to the global community, i.e., in this case—and quite evidently—they’ve “instructed” Swedish authorities to crucify Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

What has prompted this pending transnational witch hunt (a State-underwritten persecution claiming sexual assault) is the posting at his website, WikiLeaks, of thousands of files of classified documents revealing US war crimes in Iraq. The current legal feint occurs despite the facts having been examined—and the matter dropped—months ago (DemocracyNow, 2 September 2010):

“WikiLeaks Founder Speaks Out Against Swedish Probe”

“Sweden’s top prosecutor has reopened an investigation of rape allegations against the co-founder of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks despite dropping the same case last month. The probe of Julian Assange comes less than two months after his group released thousands of classified US government documents on the Afghan war. In a television interview, Assange again denied the allegations and said he’s the target of a smear campaign.”


“Julian Assange: ‘In a system that has rule of law, the police should have the burden to prove their case. However, we can see here that what is happening is not happening inside a court of law, it is happening in the jury of public opinion, because of deliberate attempts to push this into the public opinion, starting from the very beginning and including either major errors or outright complicity by the prosecution'” [Democracy Now, 2 September 2010].


and, from CounterPunch, 27 August 2010:

“Swedish bloggers uncovered the full story in a few hours. The complaint was lodged by a radical feminist Anna Ardin, 30, a one-time intern in the Swedish Foreign Service. She’s spokeswoman for Broderskapsrörelsen, the liberation theology-like Christian organization affiliated with Sweden’s Social Democratic Party. She had invited Julian Assange to a crayfish party, and they had enjoyed some quality time together. When Ardin discovered that Julian shared a similar experience with a 20-year-old woman a day or two later, she obtained the younger woman’s cooperation in declaring before the police that changing partners in so rapid a manner constituted a sort of deceit. And deceit is a sort of rape. The prosecutor immediately issued an arrest warrant, and the press was duly notified. Once the facts were examined in the cold light of day, the charge of rape seemed ludicrous and was immediately dropped. In the meantime the younger woman, perhaps realizing how she had been used, withdrew her report, leaving the vengeful Anna Ardin standing alone” [CounterPunch, Shamir, Israel, and Paul Bennet].


The only one being “raped” here is Assange—and that is occurring solely because he has the temerity to defy the dictates of Empire. Which is to say, the investor class—and its coterie of DC Ivy League prostitutes—overseeing the globe can ill afford to have a first-class example of what participation democracy actually looks like go forth with impunity.

Shame on Sweden!


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